Our ultimate aim is to create moments like the one above.    Creating WOW moments for our audiences which can only be experienced live and will leave a lasting, positive memory.  

Our ultimate aim is to create moments like the one above.

Creating WOW moments for our audiences which can only be experienced live and will leave a lasting, positive memory. 

How We Do It

We are a boutique production company, specialising in delivering live Experiences.

The Production Place operates across, and has experience of, all varieties of live audience and consumer engagement. From brand activations to exhibitions, festivals to pop-up gigs, sport and ceremonies.

Our success comes from a small core of highly skilled, experienced and passionate Production Managers. Further staff are recruited specifically for the job based on the Clients needs.

By only using the highest standard of staff, who fit the required role perfectly, we reduce the size of the team required and can therefore offer a more direct and cost efficient service.

This huge wealth of experience allows us to draw on suppliers with a vast range of specific skills and products, our continuing great relationships also provide access to excellent pricing and (if necessary!) rapid turnarounds.

Who we are

We are highly respected Production Managers bringing industry experience of over 30 years. Providing the direct link between our Clients and Suppliers - clear, quick and highly effective.


Peter McCabe

Pete has a broad and incredibly detailed knowledge of the requirements of temporary events and structures. As well as a fine eye for extrapolating the creative vision and reinforcing this with the latest technology and good old fashioned stage craft.

These skills are very useful when Pete is suppling Technical Direction for Assembly Festivals. Last year, during the one month of Edinburgh Festival, he delivered 27 temporary venues, over 200 shows, allowing the sale of ½ million tickets. This includes having to recruit and then manage the staff required for all these venues, a rather unique skill.

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Luke Mills

Luke has a secret, as well as Production Management, he has a side-line in designing and managing the Special Effects. To be honest, his view is that almost every event can be improved with pyrotechnics!

Having learnt the basics destroying caravans for programs like Top Gear, Luke joined the London 2012 Ceremonies to deliver the SFX for the Olympic Ceremonies. He became hooked on ‘mega’ events and delivered more in regions such as Russia and Azerbaijan, gaining a great understanding of how to staff and deliver huge productions.

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Steve Myland

Steve’s passion for the outdoors is convenient, as he spends a lot of his time delivering sporting events and festivals! He has a wealth of experience in transforming empty spaces into venues for 10s of thousands of people and Steve travels all over Europe doing just that, delivering on the Production and Operational elements.

With a vast book of suppliers across the globe, Steve can quickly deliver any project's requirements. So when three, 12' high, model dinosaurs were requested for Westfield London's Ice Rink in 10 days by Coach - no problem, Steve knew just who to call.

who we work with

Below are a few examples of the organisations we have delivered amazing projects for.

Assembly Festivals
Louis Sung
Sean Torres
Gary Howard
Janet Phillips
London 2012
Jacqueline Nelson
Elizabeth Sato
Terry Mitchell

Say Hello

The only thing we like doing more than talking through the production requirements of a project is delivering them!

If you would like advice on a project or just have a crazy idea you'd want to run past somone then we are more than happy to help. Just give us a call or drop us an email.

Even better, come and meet us face to face, swing by our office and we can go through the detail.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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